Cottage, RV or boat... Plan offgrid solar projects in few minutes.

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A tool designed to help you make your solar
renewable power project a reality.

Whether for your property, cottage, recreational vehicle or boat, design your off-grid solar projects in just a few minutes. Find the equipment best suited to your energy consumption with the Otonomi DX tool.

Important Steps :

Make sure you have an idea of your energy requirements before you start.
Fill in the short online form with your energy requirements to see which kits are available.
Edit and modify your project at any time by re-entering your email.
Complete your evaluation with your nearest Batteries Expert.

Make your solar autonomy project a reality!
Once you've completed your evaluation with the Otonomi DX tool.

Complete your estimate with an expert, contact your closest Batteries Expert.

For a complete evaluation of your project, book an appointment with our TCED solar specialists for a virtual solar consultation.